Yoda Bath Towel Will Turn Your Kid Into The Cleanest Jedi Master

Being a parent is awesome for one big reason: you can dress your kids up to look faintly ridiculous and then post photos to Instagram and Facebook for instant likes. We live in a golden era.

For parents who love Star Wars (the best kinds of parents) there are few things more enjoyable than Star Wars themed outfits for their kids. With this towel, you can enjoy seeing your child look like Yoda every time they go for a bath or a shower. As an added bonus there’s a good chance they’ll now also put up less of a fight when they need to have a wash. And if they do put up a fight then you’ll be fighting Yoda, which is badass.

This towel comes from MiddleBrainedCanvas which is an Etsy shop and is basically a towel that combines Yoda’s robes with a built-in hood for his ears. The towel is 54” by 32” and is made of 100% cotton. Join your kids and get this Yoda Robe.

Rest assured that it looks awesome and that you will be ruling Instagram with it. Also kids are bound to love this especially once the new movie is out and makes Star Wars hip again!

Yoda Bath Towel 2

Yoda Bath Towel 3

Yoda Bath Towel 5

Yoda Bath Towel


Adult Yoda Robe
Adult Yoda Robe
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