Yeti Meat Is One Tasty, Furry Himalayan Treat

See…this is why we sincerely hope the Yeti remains a real-yet-frustratingly-illusive curiosity of nature, if not a legend of generations of imaginations. If mankind ever does make conclusive contact with one, you just know some yahoo is going to bust this Canned Yeti Meat out and give it the wrong idea entirely.

This is what happens when a fair fraction of what we “know” about a species stems from WoW and LINEAGE II. This is also why the aliens shun us. “Oh, look, an undiscovered man-beast! SHOOT IT AND LOP OFF ITS FOOT! IT’S LUCKY, DAMN IT!”

Luckily, this is obviously not an actual tin of salted, protein-packed Yeti Meat that’s ready to eat. Still, there’s something to be said about the charm of opening a cardboard packaging and realizing you are now the proud owner of one plush, furry Yeti foot.

We can’t help but feel cheated that this fine product doesn’t also happen to come with a complimentary stuffed Yeti carcass hobbled by one leg that ends in an abrupt stump.


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