Yamaha Silent Guitar Plays Music Only You Can Hear

Are you a music lover, do you have difficulty practicing playing the guitar when traveling, or when at home during late hours of the night, because you don’t want to disturb anyone? Well, you are not alone. Most people who are learning to play the guitar find it hard to find a place to practice. Even for professional musician, when inspired to write or play music, being able to play anywhere is not an option, until now!

Introducing the Yamaha SLG Silent Guitar™, a guitar that you can play or practice with that doesn’t make a sound, unless you are wearing headphones. Just like any good guitar, the Silent Guitar is a high quality musical instrument you can play, anywhere. Only you can hear the music you make, which is ‘really’ a huge benefit for those around you that don’t want to be disturbed with noise.

This new guitar is long in coming, as professional musician who need to either practice for stag performances or who get inspired to write music at all hours can play as loud and as much as they want or need, and not be heard. Made by professional musician at Yamaha, this special guitar can be used with recording equipment, making it as much as a professional recording musical instrument as much as it can be used as a training tool for those learning to play.

There is much more to this Yamaha Silent Guitar, and when looking at the specs you will quickly see the potential in owning one for yourself.



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