X-Wing Bottle Opener Is The Path To Getting A Jedi Drunk

Parents will be familiar with the process of getting children to eat their food. Normally it involves loading up the spoon and then making plane noises (‘niiiiiaow’ etc.) and flying the spoon of food into the child’s mouth. While many parents pretend this is annoying, it is actually a ton of fun and if we didn’t get weird looks it’s probably how all of us would eat our food out in public.

But if you find that fun, then you’ll love this X-Wing Fighter bottle opener which can let you live out your fantasies of being Luke Skywalker while drinking beer. Those are like the two best things to do. This is also a surprisingly detailed looking X-Wing Fighter too so it’ll look nice on the side when you’re not drinking beer (so then, never lolz!).

Now they just need to make beer that’s in the shape of a Death Star. There’s a pretty good chance that something like that is already out there.

It’s pretty easy to use the bottle opener too. All you need to do is to place it on the cap of the beer… and then apply a little force.

Source – ThatsNerdalicious / Pre-Order Now on EE


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