X-Ray Leggings Show Off Your Perfect Bone Structure

There’s only one Superman, and while you may not have super strength or fiery laser eyes, you can at least simulate the effect of an X-Ray before some next-gen app blows the whole concept out of the water. If you’re sick and tired of your standard gym wear or you just need to show everyone your perfect bone structure, make Jack Skellington jealous with some X-Ray Leggings.

Handmade from a polyester-elastane Italian Lycra, these designer leggings ship from Bulgaria thanks to Chavdar Dobrev and are sure to bring the spotlight on you whether you’re getting bonier at the gym or pairing this up with a skeleton hoodie for thrills and chills.

Your anatomy is flawless. Why not show off them bones?

XRay Leggings 1 XRay Leggings 2 XRay Leggings 3 XRay Leggings 4

Source – Etsy

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  1. And yet another unattainable body goal! Lol!

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