X-Jets Jetblade Gives You Superhero Flight On Cushion Of Water

Sports have come a long way, an Xtreme-ly long way over the past 20 years. Sports like wall climbing, SCUBA, parasailing, surfing, skydiving, and bungee jumping are just a few samples of some very extreme sports activity. But, there are a few others you most probably haven’t heard about yet from your local watering hole – Jetpacking and Jetblading.

If you’ve ever handled a large garden hose, with the water turned ‘all’ the way up, then you know you got to have a good grip, or else, the hose will ‘fly’ around from the jet of water spewing out from the nozzle. Well, ‘someone’ from the company X-Jets had a profound idea one day and decided to harness that water jet power, mount it to a backpack and a surfing type blade. Why? To allow people to experience what it feels like to ‘fly’ around on the end of a ‘very’ large garden hose.

As crazy as it sounds, it works, and people love it! It’s extreme, extremely fun! To water down your curiosity’s thirst, checkout the video, and then ask yourself this question. “Could I do that?”


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