X-Files I Want To Believe Poster Print For The Wannabe Fox Mulder In You

For a network with a seemingly preternatural gift for cocking up shows brimming with potential, Fox deserves its due for the rare and compelling moments when they get it right. The recent revival of “The X-Files” filled us with so many throwback feels that reminded us just how much there was to love about Mulder and Scully’s ongoing crusade against unexplained conspiracy, the fleeting new season allowed us to forget for for a moment about “Firefly” being smothered in the crib and a “Doctor Who” made-for-TV movie that set reviving the series back almost a decade.

It was enough to make us bust out this print of one of the prime time drama’s most iconic visuals to grace classic “The X-Files” merchandise the world over some 20 years ago: a hovering craft that looks like it has no business in Earth’s skies with what has become all but a sworn vow of fans and true-believer scholars of the unexplained everywhere: “I want to believe.”

By all means, hang this in a place of honor and savor the twinkle in your fellow ’90s kids’ eyes the next time you gather for some nostalgic Netflix binging between now and the rumored second eventual season of Mulder and Scully’s reunion tour. Nerd-culture institutions such as “The X-Files” never die. They might hibernate idly until the generations who met them first fall in love with them all over again or a new one is smitten for the first time, but they seem to always linger in plain sight, waiting to gift a knowing smile and appreciative nod to all and sundry who just “get” them.


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