Wrench Ring Is The Manliest Jewelry For Real Mechanics

Mechanics, real mechanics, love tools, all tools; and what better way to say “Hey, thanks for fixing my vehicle” than giving your mechanic a tool. Not just any tool will do – a special tool that he can be proud of like… a silver wrench. You don’t see those everyday!

A Silver Spanner Wrench Ring is a real good gift to give to a real mechanic. It is a real wrench, albeit very small, and it is artfully shaped to wrap around your favorite mechanic’s finger.

It’s said that when in love, wear it proudly. Well, what better way for a mechanic to show his love for tools proudly than sporting one on his working hand? Wrench in one hand, and wrench on one’s finger, that’s a real mechanic.

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Wrench Ring
Wrench Ring
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Your grease monkey man will love it

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