Worldwide Empathy Possible With New Device That Transmits Emotions Through Air

Do you sometimes wish you were an empath with the ability to sense others emotions? Well hold onto your unstable emotional phases because a University in Sussex may have created a way for humans to transmit emotions without physical contact.

This British University calls it an ultrahaptic system and according to their project director Marianna Obrist, this is a major key in the future of devices to come. In a nutshell, this system will be able to stimulate areas of your hands to transmit a wide range of feelings to others. This genius idea was just presented to scientific communities in a Korean conference and could mean tons of new ways to express yourself as well as innovate our simple world.

Did you get in a tiff this morning? Don’t worry about it. New devices could let you know when your spouse is feeling better and help relieve your own stress. Worldwide empathy, here we come!

Source – Waylou via EurekaAlert
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