World’s Longest Roller Coaster Zip Line Is Thrilling & Should Be Nationwide

As pee-pants excited as we will obviously be when the eventual advent of Hyperloop is upon us, we can’t help but feel like these astounding world-class engineering minds are settling for a lesser degree of fun.

Seriously, far be it for us to look a gift horse inspired by “Futurama” in the mouth, Skywalker Adventure Builders truly nailed it with their absolutely bonkers roller coaster zip line. Yes, you read that correctly. No, it is not even a remote exaggeration. This pulse-pounding attraction sends passengers careening down a suspended, undulating track with enough twists and turns to send the stomach of anyone less than a veteran NASA astronaut tumbling through an Olympic gymnastic routine.

No word if the Skywalker contraption is the handiwork of the same architects who conceived and constructed the structure seen in these videos, but if it measures up at all to this 2.5-mile heartstopping Australian course, we have a new transportation contractor to whom we need to extend federal grants for nationwide infrastructure yesterday.

Source – TheAwesomer via Skywab

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