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World’s Only Amphibious Lamborghini Countach Could Be Yours For Only $27,000 on eBay

The instant our prototype cold fusion engine fueled by the vaginal bacteria of a Czech underwear model catches the eyes of the scientific community, the first thing we’re doing with the obscene fortune the patent will fetch involves paying the car note, mortgage, student loans and bar tab of every grown man and woman in America.

About five minutes after that, the garage where we developed this red-letter quantum scientific leap alongside chewing gum that coincidentally also tastes like a Czech underwear model’s vagina will be repurposed to house a boat and a Lamborghini Countach.

Since we’re still looking for a DeLorean to round out our design, we would settle for instead scraping together about £18,995 (just a bit under $27,000) to snap up the world’s only amphibious replica Lamborghini Countach, somehow still up for grabs on eBay UK.

Constructed on a tube chassis base, the listing describes the build cost as “horrendous”. We have to assume that’s like calling cold fusion powered by a European hottie’s no-no place “pants-on-head crazy”. This recreation of the stunning Italian sports car is constructed to spot-on proportions, from the horizontally split door windows to molded body panels replicated faithfully from a genuine Sant’Agata-constructed Countach 5000QV updated nose and tail styling that adheres to its Anniversary specs.

Looking at the official listing for the “Z1A”, the name Mike Ryan may ring a bell. That’s because England’s SeaRoader Amphibious Vehicles founder warmed up to reaching the mountaintop with the Amphiborghini by putting together some stunning land-and-sea project vehicles seen on BBC’s original Top Gear. Of course, this beast is born with dual rudders, a front hydrofoil, and twin propellers fitted with a power take-off. On land, it rides on a fully adjustable four-wheel pushrod coilover suspension with hydraulic compression helping to pull the wheels into their wells when it’s time to get wet.

In short, it just might share as much DNA with one of James Bond’s Aston Martins as it does with an “ordinary” Lambo. Right down to the smoke-screen button. Yes. Really.

Try to follow this incredible voyage. Once a right-hand drive made for travel in the UK, the Amphiborghini was converted to left-hand drive upon its arrival in Hollywood at some undetermined point. It later made its way back to the UK, where it was converted back to right-hand drive and sold 15 years ago. Today, Ryan admits that the tires, brakes and fuel system could all use a little tinkering to restore its roadworthiness, not to mention replacements for the missing seats and interior carpeting.
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