Working Pedal Powered Forklift Riding Toy Is Loads Of Fun For Kids

Children are fascinated with the world around them, machines that move, lift, and carry things captures their active imaginations, and kids will naturally play by mimicking what they see by role-playing.

While most children will make-believe they are operating large machines they’ve seen using chairs, boxes, or whatever they can find, having a toy specially designed to look and function like a machine is a child’s dream come true.

With this working pedal-powered toy replica of a Linde 394, kids can ‘really’ let their imaginations run or ‘work’ freely by lifting and moving stuff around, just like a real forklift.

Made in Germany, this quality little forklift has working parts and comes with a plastic pallet that kids can use to load stuff while playing. The pedals move the forklift forward and backwards, providing children a realistic play experience, and, the seat adjusts to comfortably fit ages 3 and up, so everyone gets to play.




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