Woof Washer 360 Whisks Away Days Of Bathtime’s Soggy Human-Versus-Puppy Wrestling Matches

Of all the dogs who have known us, we’ve seen a spectrum of reactions to bathtime. However, moods generally fall into three major categories:

“Oh, boy! Water! Bubbles! So refresh. Much relax. Wow.”

“Me? Wet? Just what do you think you’re doing? Hey! Not cool! My tongue takes care of that ‘hard-to-reach’ spot just fine, thanks. This fight is on! Have at thee!”

“What fascinating grime this is! I must spread its glory to every corner of this dwelling – especially the couch – before the human showers me with unwanted wetness.”

The delightfully simple Woof Washer 360, on the other hand, enters the fray with an outstanding chance of helping your pooch actually relish a little cleanup calmly and contentedly.

Instead of dousing your best friend with an onslaught from the hose or forcing you to wrestle what appears to be a distraught, squirming four-legged furry eel in a pool or bathtub of soapy water, this nifty gadget reduces bathing Rover down to attaching a one-size-fits-all closable hoop to any ordinary garden hose. Start by filling the dispenser with pet shampoo as directed. When the water turns on, it instantly blends the suds and dispenses them from the array of gentle jets lining the Woof Washer 360’s inner ring. Pass the ring over your dog’s body from head to tail and let the water soothingly massage and wash every precious hair of your canine companion. Finally, flip the switch and make another few passes to rinse.

The Woof Washer 360 slices your dog’s bath down to as little as under a minute of minimal effort. Personally, we love that it cleans equally as effectively with the loop left partially open to accommodate larger breeds. If you aren’t careful, you may turn hygiene into a veritable treat for your canine companion. A puppy-pampering paradise, if you will.

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