You Won’t Believe What Can Be Extracted From A Photo Of A Person

What seems like pure old wild, wild west science fiction is now a reality. Using merely the reflection in the eye of a photograph,  two psychologists were able to enhance and show exactly who the person(s) they were looking at. The last time we saw something like this was in the awesome Will Smith movie Wild, Wild West, but that required a person to chop the head off the onlooker first to project what they were looking at before they died. Ohh poor, poor Dr. Thaddeus Morton.

wild wild west dr. thaddeus morton

Luckily, our psychologists, Rob Jenkins and Christie Kerr did not need to go to such extreme measures. They did however need something a little bit more advanced than the new iPhone camera. Using a 39MP Hasselblad H2D camera with more than ample lighting, and ideal subject positioning, they made the impossible…possible. The photo was 5,412 pixels by 7,216 (39,052,922 pixels in total), although the actual faces that were extracted from the eye was much smaller rectangular sections at about 27 to 36 pixels wide by 42 to 56 pixels high. This was just enough to be enlarged and

how cornea reflections work

They used this technique on two groups of volunteers that led to an upwards of 90% correct naming via a spontaneous recognition of faces that were familiar to them, and a 71% success rate of unfamiliar faces.

Check the video from PLOS ONE to see in more detail how the technology works.


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