Women Tearing Themselves Apart In Unique Body Painting Photo Set

Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque’s Body-Painting Photo Set Tears Away A Woman’s Surface

Sometimes, we appreciate imaginative art all the more deeply when we acknowledge the baser provocations it overcomes.

The bare female form, in all its feminine softness and immaculately undulating curves, may be the sole canvas more captivatingly beautiful unfettered than the most evocative symphony of color and brushstrokes could ever hope to better.

When Santiago, Chile-based painter and photographer Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque’s work isn’t unflinchingly visceral, it is mind-bendingly abstract. The works that don’t create the impression of a woman viciously tearing her own body in twain instead evoke worlds beyond imagination imposing their emergence from a natural unblemished body. It is technical mastery, composition and vision equaled only by certain themes that may be subjective, but are difficult to not overlay atop his work.

A woman’s vulnerability in her identity and sense of self may allow her to rend herself to pieces, but there are also unexplored, unimaginably worlds of mystery inside her, just beneath the surface…unveiled sometimes when she chooses, sometimes when it demands to be seen.

Maybe his work isn’t making any one model “more” beautiful than she was before his brushstrokes and the embrace of his camera. Maybe it’s simply revealing another dimension of beauty that composes the substance of the whole.

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