Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review


From video game giant Bethesda comes the second installment in the Wolfenstein franchise following Wolfenstein: The New Order. The newest game picks up right where the last one left off in 1961 America. Blazkowicz, the hero, is in bad health following the last battle with Deathshead. You wake up to kill some Nazis in the first mission, setting the tone for the game.

****Caution, potential spoilers ahead****


In your wheelchair, you push yourself through Eva’s Hammer’s halls and shoot with one hand. Beating the first mission against all odds gives you some great satisfaction to start out an excellent game.

Wolfstein II attempts to do more than just kill robot Nazis. It delivers a great story by way of beautiful visuals and masterfully created cut scenes. The graphics of the game are stunning and instantly sweep you up in to the world you are playing in. As the hero Blazkowicz you’ll have to develop a fighting style with a vast array of weapons and techniques.

Some missions require stealth, others require precision, and others require brute force. The catch? You don’t know which approach to use until you’re knee deep in the mission. You’ll have to adapt on the fly, collecting items and gear while fighting to survive. Each mission is just hard enough to frustrate you without making you mad.

We love the energy and difficulty that comes with this game. Even more, we love the deep, personal stories that every character gets. Even minor characters get an excellent and inspiring backstory through background chatter and stunning cut scenes. As you explore the world and take down the brutal robo-nazi regime, watch the story unfold before your eyes. Wolfenstein II is truly a unique game that is visually entertaining and a blast to play.


Source – Gamespot

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