Withings Thermo Is A 16 Sensor Connected Thermometer Taking 4000 Measurements in 2 seconds

“Open your mouth and say… ahhh” said every doctor to their patients. It’s ‘awkward’ to say the least – using a thermometer placed in the mouth to track a person’s body temperature, or worse, for young children. Well, those days are gone – using traditional thermometers placed in the orifices of people to track body temperature, now there is a game-changer that… changes, all that.

Meet Withings Thermo 16 Sensors Thermometer, equipped with the HotSpotSensor Technology that allows anyone to track temperature readings by simply touching an area of the body for 2 seconds, no orifice needed. It’s actually a very impressive and much-needed medical tool that is easy to use, simply touch the skin and get a temperature reading. And, you can have the Thermo send the temperature reading to your smartphone, doctor or nurse.

Thanks to it WiFi sync, you can program it to remind you when it’s time to take your temperature, which is a very handy feature. Basically, if you want to get far away from the hassles of standard thermometers, then Withings Thermo 16 Sensors Thermometer is for you.


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Withings Thermo Thermometer
Withings Thermo Thermometer
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Thermometer Reinvented

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