Withings Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush Throws Science At Your Scalp, Sees What Sticks (And Tangles)

Perfecting the combined elements of uncommonly luminous, healthy, and all-around enviably beautiful hair is an artform unto itself. The secrets to exceptional care for your coif are daunting to teach and an equal challenge to master.

That’s where Withings, the same company that brought us the smart thermometer, blood pressure monitor, a security system,  a scale and more health related products,  thought there must be a market for smart hairbrushes. Somehow, Hair Coach has reduced that obsessive pursuit of fashionable, flawless locks to a process of brushing one’s hair and tinkering with a smartphone app.

When the Hair Coach mobile app detects its sleek, lightweight companion brush’s professional-quality boar’s hair and nylon bristles are in use, it instantly begins collecting data directly from your scalp. Trust us, it isn’t nearly as creepy as it might sound. Your phone then receives the brush’s feedback via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy and generates a report detailing your haircare regimen is benefitting or brutalizing your mane:

  • DRYNESS – Learn how to maintain healthy elasticity
  • DAMAGE – Measure moisture retention and keep track of wear and tear to your cuticles
  • BREAKAGE – Keep tabs on your hair’s resilience to control its quality
  • TANGLING – Optimize sebum distribution and avoid bird’s nests
  • FORCE & RHYTHM – Is your brushing technique doing your hair more harm than good?
  • GESTURE ANALYSIS – Understand how your brushing habits as a whole can improve the health of your hair
  • STROKE COUNT – Gain insight into how your frequent brushing affects your hair quality

This resource for deep insights and helpful tips to craft a more personal, effective hair care regimen is made possible through a collaboration between L’Oréal and Kérastase. Their worldwide hair expertise paired with state-of-the-art sensory technology and app connectivity designed by Withings allow you to see a clearer long-term picture of your beauty habits and their collective impact. It just might be the real-time information engine for instant scientific beauty feedback the world never knew it needed.

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