With Pop ‘n Pour Beer Mug You’ll Never Search For A Bottle Opener Again

How many times have you been searching for an opener, only to use your teeth in desperation. Taking chances on breaking your molars isn’t worth ending up with a $3000 dentist bill. Thats a rather expensive beer.


Well look no further. The ingenious team over a Brookstone heard our callings and went ahead to design the pop n pour beer mug with a built in bottle opener on the bottom. This real glass mug can hold up to 24 ounces of your favorite brew, ready to be popped open by the bottle opener on the bottom. Whats better yet is the bottle opener is magnetic, so after you pop your top, the cap won’t go flying on the floor. How cool is that? The stainless steel bottle opener is mounted flush to the bottom, so you can place your mug on any flat surface without worrying that it will tip over.

No matter how drunk you get, you’ll never have to worry about where you placed your bottle opener.

Source – The Gadgeteer  via Brookstone


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