Wings Scarves Take Flight With Any Cosplay Fashion Or Ensemble

Maybe we just have an unnatural attraction to peacocks. Maybe our fascination with Roza Khamitova’s ethereally ornate winged scarves means we really shouldn’t be looking forward to our weekly visit with the court-appointed therapist – currently the sole individual standing between us and sex-offender registry and a lawsuit from the Central Park Zoo.

Of course, it could be that her weightless scarves, wraps and shawls are simply refined textile artistry that it would be impossible not to appreciate. Sure, they’re pretty easily a pretty, easy finishing touch to any divine cosplay from Manhattan to Malaysia, but there’s really no ensemble they can’t lend a swath of intricate elegance.

To see more fashionable highly fashionable handmade wonders from this Kazakhstan-born designer now based in Byron Bay, Australia, have a gander at her Etsy store.

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