Wine Gun Bottle Opener Solves Life’s Problems With Pistols And Alcohol. This Outta Be Fun!

Is it better to pop a cork or bust a cap? You know you deserve to not have to choose. Whether you wield the WineOvation Wine Gun in slick simulated steel or stylish firearm pink, this battery-operated bottle opener lets you and your fellow partygoers savor up to 30 bottles per full charge faster than a hipster can correct someone’s pronunciation of “soupçon.”

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, it is you and quite a few guests who are burning through that much vino in short order, right? We’re just saying, if you’re putting all that wine down solo, we aren’t entirely sure whether it’s appropriate to be, impressed, deeply concerned, just a little bit frightened of our next “Grey’s Anatomy” marathon night with you, or some uneasy blend of all three.

Yes, it looks like a goofy prop that the Joker might have pulled on a Gotham City bank teller back in the Silver Age – the difference being, you know his would have actually fired some kind of absurd magnum rounds – but you can’t deny the conversations this thing would start sitting on your bar in its rubber-coated charging holster. Indeed, it undeniable looks cool, but you married the philosophy major you’re old enough to have fathered to enjoy good looks that contribute nothing of any actual use. The Wine Gun? This is more like marrying a bartender you’re old enough to have fathered: good-looking and gets you drunk.

Just position the barrel on the bottle, pull the trigger while applying minimal downward pressure, and wait until the mechanism shuts off. The cork eases out with no physical pulling required. Once the cork is free, pushing the trigger forward reverses the corkscrew to eject it.

Guns don’t solve every problem, but The Wine Gun makes it a lot easier to drink something that does.

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Time to bring a bottle to a gun fight so everyone wins

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