Wine Dispensing Travel Tote Declares There’s No Wrong Time To Drink

We all embrace thinking globally and acting locally. To put a finer point on that ideal, we enthusiastically endorse never leaving home without topping off this Wine Dispensing Travel Tote created with the fashionable day-drinker in mind. The world is much bigger than wherever you are at any given time. There’s always someplace somewhere across the globe where the clock is just striking a perfectly appropriate time for a glass of your favorite vino.

Be a citizen of the world. Your body may be in Indianapolis at 10 a.m. CST, but why shouldn’t your spirit wander to 5 p.m. in Addis Ababa?

Tracey Luebbers of Glasgow, Mo. designed this tote to be as clever as it is cute. Easily re-purposed for everyday non-alcoholic use, its removable dispensing bag conceals a boxed wine bag’s volume with the utmost discretion in fully insulated style that also holds Bloody Marys, Margaritas, or any number of other libations at a refreshingly cool temperature as long as needed. Whatever international happy hour you choose to honor, when it’s time to drift away from your cares, serve up your blurry beverage from the attached spout with carefree impunity.

Even with your portable mini-bar concealed, your Wine Dispensing Travel Tote also leaves ample room for a phone, wallet, keys, and such incidental essentials as limes, salt, a few travel cups, and some emergency Aspirin for the morning after those ill-timed blackouts. You know, the important stuff.

(NOTE – Please observe the traditions of common sense…unpopular as they may be. We do not endorse drinking on the job, at least in workplaces where it is explicitly prohibited. More importantly, just drink responsibly. Know when to say “when” and never, ever, under any circumstances should anyone drink while driving or while already under the influence.)

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With your portable mini-bar concealed, its always wine-o-clock

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