Wine Bottle Wine Glass For Non-Stop Classy-Like Wine Pouring Down Your Throat

You know what the problem is with wine glasses? They’re too small! You drink your wine, you enjoy it, and then… what… you have to go and fill it up again??

That’s just bad design. Fortunately though, this giant wine glass – called the wine bottle wine glass – has finally solved the problem once and for all with some very smart design.

Forget the Apple Watch; this is what real innovation looks like!

wine bottle wine glass pour

In total, this 11.5 inch wine glass is capable of holding 750ml of wine which is essentially the same size as a wine bottle. In fact, it essentially is a wine bottle except on the top it has a glass and a stem. So it basically solves the pouring problem by creating an almost-socially-acceptable (though not quite) way to drink your wine directly from the bottle.

The manufacturers clearly understand the demand for this and in fact the glass has text on it that demonstrates as much:

Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs!

This is a very promising step in the next direction. Hopefully they soon create a wine bottle that is proportionate, thus meaning you can fill several of these glasses up without going to the shop. In fact, why don’t they just let you drink straight out of the aisle?


xl wine bottle wine glass wine bottle wine glass


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