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Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher Breaks Sobriety In Case Of Stress

Fire safety is a major concern, and whether it is for homes or businesses, a fire extinguisher should be nearby and handy, just in case a fire actually happens. Displaying a fire extinguisher prominently within a business, such as a fine restaurant or classy establishment may look out-of-place, but they are needed.

Only, if there was an alternative fire extinguisher, one not so ‘red’ and blatantly noticeable to the point of clashing with the ambiance of a room, then business owners and home owners would surely use it.

Introducing The Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher, it is a much appreciated make-over of the traditional firetruck red colored fire extinguisher that is blatantly observable in nearly all public restaurants, today. It is obvious that this fire extinguisher is inspired by a wine lover, and the converted bottle made into a fire extinguisher looks appealing, almost unnoticeable in a bar atmosphere. In fact, it actually adds to a restaurants ambiance.

In every way, other than its appearance, this classy wine bottle fire extinguisher meets all legal requirements for use in the US, and comes in a wine gift box; classy, indeed! Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher 2Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher 1

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Puts out the fiery thirst in seconds

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