Wilson X Connected Basketball Has Real-Time Stat Tracking To Improve Your Game

Is there no performance metric that some app or another can’t track? The new Wilson X Connected Basketball lays out in unmistakable black and white just how much you have (or haven’t) got.

The key is the Wilson X’s included Bluetooth app, which tracks hits, misses and overall shooting percentage throughout four challenging modes designed to promote constant improvement. The inconspicuous built-in motion detector not only keeps you honest with your successful shots, but tracks each shot’s range along the way. The result? You get a clear picture of where you’re most effective and where you’re a non-factor.

Of course, the system is compatible with any indoor or outdoor 10-foot basket with a net. Never needing a charge, the sensor’s battery holds up over more than 100,000 lifetime shots, enough to sharpen your scoring to the tune of 300 daily shots over an entire year.

For just a bit of extra training, lay the pressure on a bit thicker with some true-life ambiance. Add a crowd’s roar, a clock ticking down and horns to your solo practice sessions and acclimate your thinking to real game pressure while you shoot around. Best of all, it’s all packaged in classic Wilson quality with regulation weight and size and outstanding grip.


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Swish! Basketball just got an Upgrade!

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