WiFi AquaTimer Gives You Precise 4-Zone Watering Control Of Your Lawn

It isn’t cheap to have sprinklers installed in your yard, it has become a serious home improvement investment that can cost a few thousand dollars. The main reason to have sprinklers installed in a yard is obvious, to apply water at scheduled times and in even amounts.

This requires pipes, manual labor to dig holes and set them in place, and then special equipment is needed to install the system to control the water, which often includes electrical switches and a control panel.

Well, now there is a much cheaper and easier way to control watering your lawn, without costing a few grand, and this is it – the WiFi AquaTimer. It is amazing how simple this is, using the latest technology, you can now control your own lawn watering system with Wi-Fi, anytime, from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.


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Watering that lawn has never been easier

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