Wicket Backpack Buddy Arrives From The Moon Of Endor To Hitch A Ride On Our Back

No childhood is complete without a soft, hairy friend that wraps its limbs around a tiny torso. We’ll never forget the day we came from the playground with ours, one for each kid. We were still arguing over whose new companion would be named “Wicket” when Mom ran screaming at us and smacking our brand-new furry friends with a broom.

That was also the day we learned what an opossum is and the last time we were allowed near Bumbelch Acres Trailer Park after dark.

Now that we understand what rabies is, we will play it safe and instead gift our children this Wicket Backpack Buddy. Unlike our first plush “backpacks,” Wicket does not make angry hissing sounds when poked. Unfortunately, this reasonable facsimile of the greatest Ewok to ever live also cannot catch the scent of enemy soldiers, imitate bird calls, play a mean trumpet, or distract our enemies. He does take the blame quite well when we poke our sleeping friends and loved ones, though.

What he does best, however, is glom onto your back with arms and legs holding on tight for the best piggyback ride ever. Best of all, you could only stuff things inside an actual Ewok by going to town with a skinning knife. This one comes equipped with two small, handy zipper compartments, a grab-and-go top handle, adjustable straps, and cushy padding the whole way around. No field-dressing needed.


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