Why Your Furniture Might All be Made From MECCANO in the Future

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Who here remembers MECCANO? It was like LEGO for grown-ups and if you had a little skill with it you could build all sorts of awesome things including motorized mechanical dinosaurs and race cars that actually drove around the home.

meccano parts for building furniture

But what if you could use MECCANO to make something other than Mecha Godzilla? Something actually useful? That’s the idea behind MECCANO metal modules which let you create ‘evolving furniture’ elements for your home.

So here’s the idea: you buy large pieces of MECCANO and then use them to build your work desk, your chest of draws and your foot stool. Because it’s, you know, MECCANO, you can take everything apart on a whim, make it bigger by attaching new pieces and choose the precise color scheme you want.

meccano metal furniture

So when you get a new computer and it’s too big for your new desk, you no longer have to replace it, you just build an extra bit on the side. Or why not build some kind of completely unique desk that’s perfect for your needs specifically? Or what if it was a desk with Mecha Godzilla’s head?? Because that’s totally what everyone wants really…

meccano furniture modules

The modular concept currently includes eight different colors and will be suitable for outdoor use. Here’s hoping it takes off.

Source – DesignBoom[/vc_column_text]

Meccano-Erector - Super Construction Set
Meccano-Erector - Super Construction Set
Fun for all ages

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