Wheelman Gas Skateboard Boldly Goes Where Foot-Power Has Never Gone Before

Well, here we are, everyone. Even classic skateboards have been demoted to the stuff of old-timey antiquity.

Our lawn – get off it.

Actually, here’s $20. Go mow it.

We may have at least a good several years’ wait ahead before Lexus perfect the prototype hoverboard the luxury automaker’s imagineers have evidently the last several years quietly refining. Until we can all hover about hooting and hollering in the streets like horny howler monkeys when the Cubs at last win the World Series, we’ll have to “settle for” rolling around far below the speed of sound with a 50cc two-stroke engine perched beside our ankles.

So…what was wrong with the old skateboards, again?

To its credit, the Wheelman GAS Skateboard V2 boldly takes the great sport defined by Tony Hawk’s legendary flights to spaces it has never been. The intuitive hand throttle gooses this latest model in the popular Wheelman line to speeds up to 26 mph and is good for 30 miles of riding on a full quarter-gallon tank of gas.

Whether you ride a regular or goofy stance, you might end up surprised at the V2’s learning curve’s favorable comparison to that of a snowboard or traditional skateboard. The optional performance air filter and carburetor upgrades bump up the horsepower to improve the V2’s handling of even the 195-lb. maximum load on any given terrain, from fresh asphalt to sandy beaches, grassy hills, and dirt trails.

All boards come with a 30-day parts replacement warranty.Wheelman Gas skateboard (2)Wheelman Gas skateboard (3)Wheelman Gas skateboard (6)Wheelman Gas skateboard (4)Wheelman Gas skateboard (8)Wheelman Gas skateboard (1)Wheelman Gas skateboard (7)



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