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Wheel Of Misfortune Seals The Drunken Doom Of Every Drinking Game Before It

Nothing enhances getting blitzed quite like an element of chance. Whether loosening up with a lively pre-party or unloading Pandora’s Box of inevitable “It Was A Good Idea At The Time” consequences after a night on the town, spin the Wheel of Misfortunte and make what may be your worst deal this side of that year you hedged your fantasy football team’s destiny on trading Peyton Manning for Ryan Leaf.

The game is the simplest drinking challenge this side of Beer Pong or Quarters. Spinning the Wheel of Misfortune may condemn players to fates ranging from simply pounding a shot to performing forfeits and physical challenges. Word of advice: before challenging the wheel, confiscate every device with a camera and make doubly sure to account for every permanent marker on the premises.

Feeling daring and not remotely s***-faced enough? Spin the wheel. Make the deal. Embrace regret.

Wheel of Misfortune Drinking Game (1)Wheel of Misfortune Drinking Game (2)

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Fill 'em up and spin the wheel!

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