What Is It Like To See Through An Animal’s Eyes?

By now, we’ve all seen at least one creature-feature flick that featured a POV shot through the main beast’s eyes. By this point, THE HOWLING is practically an October tradition around our parts. Still, this is an unexpected spin on that concept, thanks to London design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast.

The UK artists have conceived a new way to rediscover the world’s wild kingdoms: see them through the eyes of their natural inhabitants. Specifically, they’ve innovated a creative virtual reality experience that shows humans what a forest looks like through the eyes of an animal.

Lidar remote sensing technology combined with photogrammetry, a 360º aerial camera and CT scanning gave Marshmallow Laser Feast’s custom proprietary software and imaginative artists all the basis they needed to reimagine the Grizedale Forest from a natural inhabitant’s perspective. The results are captivating.

Imagine the possibilities, though. Today, it’s a forest through the eyes of a squirrel. Tomorrow, we could use KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS cutting-room floor B-roll and metric f***-tons of every drug ever to view the world as Kanye West sees it.

On second thought, there are realms within which no one should play.

Source – Booooooom via – Creative Applications

Uncle Milton Animals Eyes
Uncle Milton Animals Eyes
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