What Happens When R2-D2 Meets Gundam Engineering?

Sweet Bothan Jesus, R2-D2! Just what exactly does the Rebel Alliance have planned for you?

Generally, it’s impossible to ignore that the human face of the Rebel Alliance, despite the numerous other species surrounding it, is somehow whiter than Jim Gaffigan cannonballing into an ocean of Miracle Whip. Were we to see Italian modeller Lemcat’s “Hi2-D2 – Enhanced astromech droid” onscreen, you couldn’t convince us that there weren’t a few proud Japanese robotic engineers tucked away among the Wonder Bread.

The product of some ad hoc surgery cleaving off Artoo’s dome and fusing it with a Gundam model kit’s body, it would appear from these photos that this scrappy little rolling garbage can of sass has had just about enough of the entire galaxy’s crap. Well, there’s only one fair way to settle this: since it’s not like Anakin Skywalker has been tinkered with, modded and reassembled enough, let’s get Darth Vader’s shiny black-metal ass into Gundam Epyon and see who’s got the shiniest brass ones.

Source – Kotaku via thezephyranthes.blogspot.it

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Gundam Star Wars Style!

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