Whale Mug Will Brace Your Biscuit, Bear Your Brew With A Smile

“Got a whale of a mug to sell ya, lads,
A whale of a mug or two
For black coffee and the chai we’ve drunk
On mornings like this with the sun above
A whale of a mug and it’s for you,
We swear on Grandma’s tattoo…”

Would we plagiarize Disney’s 10,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA and a charmingly horny Kirk Douglas shanty on a mug that wasn’t just the cutest, damnedest thing in all the briny blue?

Nothing bigger has ever swum the earth’s oceans than the blue whale. From it’s built in biscuit-holder “mouth” to blow-hole water spout made for brewing a fine cup of tea on a chill marine morning, there’s no magnificent beast more fit to rule over your cupboard than this beverage-loving behemoth.

This Blue Whale Mug is neither washing machine nor microwave safe. Handwash only.


Whale Mug 1

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