Wet Head Game Brings A Safer Russian Roulette Home…Without Guns

This time of year, we’re challenged to understand how “losing” at The Wet Head Game could feel like much of a punishment. It’s mid-July, and the object is to not be the one that ice-cold water suddenly rains down onto when daylight feels like Satan whipped it out and pissed on our everything?

Please, don’t throw us in that briar patch…

If you’ve ever seen the Russian Roulette scene in “The Deer Hunter”, we’ll assume you catch our meaning when we say that this is probably how any crowd of people drowning in their own sweat in the middle of the Vietnam jungle wish that party would have played out. Instead of pulling a revolver’s trigger and hoping each time for a lucky “click” instead of a bullet, players fill the included helmet with water, secure the stick plugs in the side, give the contraption a spin, and then take turns wearing the hat and pulling plugs until someone is soaked and eliminated. Last one standing and undrenched wins. We guess.

That’s certainly one way to play it. You can also adjust the amount of water that rains down for the sake of playing indoors without chancing a massive, soggy mess. Of course, if you have a genuine hard-on for making someone feel the agonizing burn of losing, just do as we do and swap out the water for one institutional-size jug of Habanero hot sauce. We’re sadistically silly.

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During the hot summer months, losing is kinda like winning, no?

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