‘Westworld’ Android Cowboys With Real Guns – What Could Go Wrong?

In 1973, there was an awesome movie called ‘Westworld’, it was a sci-fi movie about a special amusement park where people could go to play cowboy for real, against android villains. It was a great movie for its time, and it’s a definite logical step to make a remake of the movie, especially now that the technology to make androids is available.

However, it does scare some people, the idea of androids having real guns, much like drones today. Nobody really wants to see robots with guns, unless you’re watching one of the Terminator movies.

But, if they’re going to make a dark science fiction series based on the original movie, then actors such as Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Ed Harris and other quality actors is a must. Because when the android cowboys start killing the humans, and you know they will, having Anthony Hopkins on the team will definitely make this HBO release worth watching.

Westworld HBO 1Westworld HBO 2

Source – Westworld Facebook via HBO


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