Weirdest Misheard Song Lyrics From 2015 Are Hillarious

Bad news, music lovers: 2015 arguably failed to etch another “Purple Haze” or “Blinded By The Light” in the annals of legendary popular music.

Here’s the good news: Eugene, Chris and Alex of The Lyrics Crew offer their 16 candidate songs from The Year That Was which could each possibly go down as the next hilariously misheard lyrics to make asses of us all at karaoke and on radio-blasting road trips for years to come.

Please, for the sake of everyone you know and love (and Drake), watch and learn so that you never insist that “Hotline Bling” proclaims that some fine-ass lady makes the Canadian rapper “feel like a Digimon.”

The more you know, everyone.

Source – Buzzfeed

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