Weeping Angel Mug Gives Chills To Your Warm Drink. Don’t Blink!

Mugs are nifty items that make for excellent gifts, especially if these are novelty mugs that celebrate or depict a popular pop-culture fixture. For any and all fans of the Doctor Who franchise, this Weeping Angel mug is sure to chill your spine and make any warm drink worth savoring until… the end. Just don’t blink. Not even for a second. That’s when they’ll getcha.

These disturbingly attractive Weeping Angel Mug features a seemingly peaceful orchard scene straight from a Victorian graveyard, until you add some warm liquid. The angles on the mug immediately show a darker, more sinister side the moment you add hot water or other warm liquid.

Enter the Weeping Angel, a soulless, heartless being that sucks the life essence of beings through time warps – these seemingly stone-like statues are, according to the doctor, one of the cruelest psychopathic killers in the universe. But don’t worry – these fearsome monsters are trapped in your mug, and their sinister faces only appear when you take a hot drink… late at night.

Dr Who Weeping Angel Mug 4

Dr Who Weeping Angel Mug 2
Dr Who Weeping Angel Mug 1Dr Who Weeping Angel Mug 5

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