Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack Has Your Back Wherever You Go

Hey, everyone. Look at the calendar. It’s October. The World Series is imminent. Hockey has returned. Halloween awaits on the 31st with horror movies, “Sexy (Insert Generally Non-Sexy Thing Here)” costumes galore, and oceans of candy giving Wilford Brimley and his “diabeetus” the finger one fun-size Snickers at a time. You’re probably ready to bury a pick-ax in the next shrine of Santa figurines, holly and candy canes you see.

Fair warning: across much of the country, that means that winter is no longer “coming”; this month will pass so quickly, it might as well be at the door with suitcases full of white stuff, and we promise it isn’t the kind that convinces UFC champions that they drive better when they’re high enough to see backwards in time.

When the weather turns nasty, blustery and colder than Aubrey Plaza’s wit, don’t venture forth into the winter wonderland without a Weego JS6 6000mAh Jump Starter Kit charged up and waiting in your vehicle.

This isn’t strictly a defibrillator for a cryogenically comatose battery, though its 12V lithium-ion battery does start gas engines up to 4.6L and up to 2.4L diesels in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and just about any other vehicle. The pocket- or glove box-sized Weego also happens to be compatible to charge up phones, tablets, speakers and any other portable USB device.

Arguably more impressive than its versatility is just how durable this thing is. This is one of the smallest jump starters we have seen. The battery is good for up to 1,000 full charging cycles. When stored without use, its charge dissipates at an incredibly gradual rate of only 2% per month. Built-in safety circuitry protections guarantee the dependability of its jumper cables with independent lab testing and a comprehensive 18-month warranry.

As a bonus, the kit also happens to include an LED flashlight, 3-in-1 USB cord with micro, 30-pin and lightning connectors, a handy carrying case, and wall and car chargers to fill up the battery anywhere at any time. Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack (2)Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack (3)Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack (4)

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