Webcaster Gun Sprays 1.5 Pounds Of Fake Spiderwebs Over Your House In An Hour

Only Christmas annually tops Halloween among holidays known to inspire outlandishly elaborate decorations. Quite frankly, we’d have it no other way. Spare us your shimmering tinsel and garish garland. Nothing makes our hearts sing with childlike glee quite like an expertly hung spiderweb, preferably dangling from a leering skull or blanketing the odd tombstone in the front yard.

Knowing that this Webcaster Gun can fire off 1.5 pounds of artificial webbing per hour when hooked up to most shop vacs with a 1.25″ hose, we can’t wait to show it off to our neighbor who spent most of the 90s in a psych ward after seeing “Arachnophobia” on acid.

Ill-advised (but, you have to admit, potentially hilarious) pranks aside, this is how professional decorators string up those fine, gossamer webs all over haunted houses in virtually no time. We tried just letting our standard housekeeping habits go to pot for a few months so the spiders could just naturally have their way, but then hobos started taking our offices for simply being vacant. If we had discovered this souped-up hot glue gun sooner, we might not be stumped for a solution to the shanty town now taking up our men’s room.





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