Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit Turns Fruit Into A Party Faucet ‘o Fun

Summer is a time for taking a break and relaxing. For one reason or another, we’re more likely to go out of our way for something new and exotic, especially when it comes to drinks. There’s a great many ways to infuse a drink with some fruit like storing it in mason jars or freezing it in ice cubes, but they take hours before they’re ready.

Wanna get creative while getting instant satisfaction with a super fruit infused drink? Consider a watermelon keg tapping kit. Grab your favorite fruit such as a sweet, ripe and juicy watermelon and slice off the bottom to create a base, then hollow it out and fill it up with fruit juice, water, vodka , liquor or whatever you want for a dispensable fruit drink. It’s bound to give you a slice of taste bud heaven at your next pool party. We’re sure you could probably use it on virtually any fruit that can be gutted.

When it gets cold out, you can even use a pumpkin and fill it with your favorite amber stout.

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