Watermelon Cake Illusion Is Not What It Seems

Looking for something unique to do in your kitchen, why not learn how to make a Pink Velvet cake that looks just like a watermelon? Yes, it sounds strangely fun, but it’s not that hard to make. If you love watermelons, and some folks do in strange ways, then you will surely enjoy making a cake that looks just like a watermelon.

You can watch the entertaining how-to-video on Youtube from a playful YouTuber by the name of Yolanda Gampp. Yolanda is well-known for her recipe tutorials entitled ‘How to Cake It’, and you will see her step-by-step process of dying her cake watermelon pink, and then layering it into a domed shape as she liberally sprinkles little chocolate kisses that will become the seeds.

It’s not every day you learn how to make a watermelon cake and Gampp does a very good job keeping the process simple and easy to follow. If you like watermelon, then eating this should be a piece of cake.

Source – DesignTaxi

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