“Water Wigs” Floods The Internet With Dreamy Bald Beauty

“WANTED – Artistic photographer seeks handsome, charming, bald male and female models to pelt with water balloons…”

Be honest: what fun-loving charismatic cue ball would pass a gig like that by?

Some men wear bald so well, the very idea of restoring their scalps to a more lush former glory feels like an awkward affront to on-point cool. Be that as it may, imaginative artistic photographer Tim Tadder’s newly finished photo set “Water Wigs” makes an amusing and quirky insinuation that there’s sometimes just one small step beyond “perfection”.

Step One: assemble a troupe of likable, ridiculously good-looking male models rocking bare skulls? Check.

Step Two: perfect a process by which automated laser and sound triggers snap stills at varying intervals that capture explosions of water with impressively precise timing.

Step Three: chuck water balloons at models’ heads. Repeatedly.

Step Four: Voila! With the timing fine-tuned to a fraction of a second and applied triads of color, Tadder and his crew managed to create and capture ideal heads of watery “hair” that best fit each model’s facial shape and dynamic, brilliant expressions.

“Our favorites are ‘The Don King,’ ‘The Conquistador,’ ‘The Jesus’ and ‘The Friar,'” Tadder wrote. “This was fun, complex, technical, and
totally worth exploring more.”


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Refeshing Art!

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