Water And Light Show Sprinkler Explodes With Night-Time Party Fun

Cutting back this summer? Can’t afford expensive theme park tickets or season passes? Well get ready for a royal whine fest if you don’t give those kids something to do during those scorching triple-digit days. Keep those kids distracted and your nerves cooled with a favorite pastime.A water and light show sprinkler may just be the solution to those kid-induced migraines. This device lets flowing water propel a turbine generator which in turn powers color-shifting LEDs. You’ll be mesmerized as the sprinkler turns your yard into your own concert. Just hook up your garden hose into the device, stick that stake in the ground, and you’re set.

Whether you’re just looking for some cheap entertainment this summer or you’re desperate to relax, this device will keep those kids at bay while you’re sipping on some margaritas in your lawn chair.

Water And Light Show Sprinkler (2) Water And Light Show Sprinkler (2) Water And Light Show Sprinkler (2)
Source – Hammacher
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