Watch Las Vegas Magician Mac King Perform The Famous Rope Trick That Fooled Penn & Teller

We once thought we had mastered the “Ultimate Rope Trick.” We so certain that our basement full of bound pizza delivery drivers who had never given us any trouble with escape attempts after more than a decade would be enough to back our claims for years to come, were we to ever let them go.

Hey, we had to make sure it worked.

Congratulations, Mac King. Your years spent honing precisely timed slight of hand and charismatic stage presence in Las Vegas have paid off, with no small degree of help from our desire to never have our trick explained by John Walsh. No magician has ever seemed to have quite so much fun with this classic bit or made it look so easy.

We would love to tell you more, but our alarm tells us one of our “assistants” may have just figured out the trick’s secret and made a break for it. Oh, Holly. We always had a hunch it would be you.

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