Warplane Ceiling Fans Add Some Historic Military Charm To Any Room

If you’re a fan of aviation then get ready to take flight! These warplane ceiling fans add a historic touch of military aviation to any room. They come in four unique designs inspired by iconic planes and aviators. Each fan is crafted from wood and has a three speed reversible motor powering the blades. The blades protrude on either side to resemble the propellers of the planes they represent. As a bonus, the fan can be controlled by an included remote and have a built in 50-watt light. These ceiling fans look great in a kid’s room, a playroom, or the office of a plane lover.

Sopwith Camel

Representing the most successful aircraft flown by the British Royal Air Force, this design features an olive-green body accented with cream and dark wood. Flown by Major William Baker, this plane’s design pays homage to a true hero of World War I.

Black Sheep

This design pays homage to the plane flown by Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington. His flying was the influence for the 70s TV show “Baa, Baa Black Sheep”. This fan features a navy blue and white checkered pattern with navy blue propellers with yellow tips.

Tiger Shark

One of the most iconic war planes, the Tiger Shark honors the fiercest pilots of WWII. The design is a replica of the P-40 fighter jets and has the image of a red-eyed shark at the nose in dark green. It’s red nose is flanked by three propeller blades in black.

Glamorous Glen

The final plane honors test pilot and flying ace of WWII Chuck Yeager. Its design features a steel grey body with red and yellow checkered pattern and four black propeller blades tipped in yellow.

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