Wall Mounted Fireplace Makes Built-In Hearths Seem Antiquated

What could possibly fill a room with a more cozy, inviting ambiance than a fireplace crackling and dancing with an enticing orange aura?

Just for the sake of argument, we’re going to nominate hanging actual fire halfway up a wall.

The Wall Mounted Fireplace, a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, eschews a wood-burning blaze’s billowing smoke and unpredictably dangerous sparks in favor of a recycled liquid ethanol fuel in a chamber that mounts virtually anywhere. This brushed stainless steel hanging hearth’s flames generate only a harmless blend of carbon dioxide and water vapor while producing an eminently charming seven-inch yellow, orange, and red flame while projecting just six inches from any wall.

It’s no mere aesthetic compromise, either. The Wall Mounted Fireplace easily fills a 325 sq.ft. area with anywhere from 4,000-8,000 BTUs per hour at lower damper settings up to a most toasty 21,000 BTUs per hour. No matter how you prefer to dampen the flame for your ideal heat, the burner’s clever positioning behind a tempered glass pane ensures that the heat won’t sully your wall’s finish as it rises through the top vents.

It’s a thrifty devil, too. Just add one liter of fuel (sorry, sold separately) and settle in for up to five hours of soothing, embracing warmth.


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No Smoke Or Sparks - Just Beauty

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