WALL-E LEGO Set First Shots Sparks Genuine Curiosity

Got a serious love for robots that it’s borderline robosexual? Need to compliment productivity with cuteness? Let LEGO see to your building needs to create your favorite robot of all time, which should be WALL-E of course!

Since Lego started making their interlocking toy bricks in 1949, they’ve made a plethora of different themes, from pirates to Vikings to Knights of the Round Table. Now they’ve got their sights set on the post-apocalyptic robot.

It was announced back in February that LEGO planned on creating a set based on WALL-E, but suspiciously this showed up on a reseller site before being taken off. Could this be the set we’ve been waiting for? Only time will tell.

Wall-E Lego Set 2 Wall-E Lego Set 1

Source – OhGizmo via Smythstoys

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