Wall Climbing RC Car Defies Gravity & The Wildest Dreams Of Our Childhoods

We’ve always been impressed by the way radio-controlled cars mount even the very toughest terrain. It’s a wonder, decades removed from our Tyco-fueled childhoods, that full-sized vehicles lack the suspension, traction, and maneuverability to scale steep, jagged rocks as swiftly and under-control as our favorite RC toys like the RC flying car.

The closest we’ve ever gotten has been the original Mako in the first “Mass Effect” and while that beast had some incredible grip, it simulated roughly the mobility of a drunken elephant.

That’s why we salute the Wall Climbing RC Car from Hammacher Schlemmer: if the new Mako in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” still handles like an Abrams tank, we can point to this tangible toy based on actual U.S. reconnaissance camera vehicle engineering and say, “See this? Just make the Mako do this!”

No, seriously. The same general idea of a vacuum housed within this RC car’s undercarriage that allows it to scale and adhere to walls, windows, and even ceilings has been utilized for years by our Armed Forces. Once attached, it can move forward, backward, left, and right as though it were cruising along the floor. The infrared remote control can maneuver it from up to 50 feet away. Its wall-scaling and ceiling-mounting abilities turn off with a flip of a switch located on the car to shift it into normal driving non-vertical or upside-down driving.




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a concept developed by the U.S. military to maneuver reconnaissance cameras up walls

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