Walking Erasers Trample The Terrors Of Your Paperwork Mistakes

Once you’ve seen a tiny toothpick-and-coffee-creamer metropolis torn asunder by a Walking Eraser…well, you’ll never remember how else you’ve ever spent an hour-long lunch break.

Occasionally, you may also wonder when you last had so much fun in court. Remember, kids, there are times and places for everything. The right ones don’t involve fraud charges or the phrase “contempt of court”.

Most likely, you’ll never again see a botched crossword as anything less than an irresistible call to adventure. Wind up these rubber eraser bodie and watch the little feet trample everything in their path en route to helping you wipe out your mistakes. Show neither Toothpick Tokyo nor your grocery list the barest shred of mercy from these clockwork correctors.

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Monster-Walking-Erasers (10)Monster-Walking-Erasers (1)Monster-Walking-Erasers (12)Source – SuckUK

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