Walking Dead Zombie Head Cookie Jar Finally Gets Some Use Out Of Severed Zombie Heads

By its natural order, post-apocalyptic Atlanta as depicted in “The Walking Dead” suffers from one damned wasteful ecosystem. To walkers, human beings are meat pies that scream when you take a bite. A walker kills a human, the walker lives to shamble and decay another day. A human kills a walker, and…well, what the hell does anyone do with the corpse now?

It’s too riddled with the zombie plague to safely handle it bare-handed. Nobody without a death wish is going to try and eat it. A dead walker is good for a moist intestine pancho with a use-by date, spoilage that sets in fast, and a smell only a buzzard could love. That’s it.

Oh, would that this ceramic “The Walking Dead” Cookie Jar were a bit more practical. C’mon. You’d only love Daryl Dixon and Michonne more for watching them kick back and chill out gobbling snickerdoodles from a recently dispatched walker’s hollowed-out skull. No more decrepit zombie bodies left stacked to the sky with nothing to show for it.

When there is no more room in Hell, the dead shall walk the Earth. In a perfect world, that would mean we’d never have to look far for an inventive place to store our Chex mix.

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Mmmm Brains Taste Like Cookies!

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